Powering Progress: Adani’s Bangladesh Project Unveiled

Powering Progress: Adani’s Bangladesh Project Unveiled

Mar 18, 2024

Gautam Adani, the Chairman of the biggest Indian conglomerate. The Adani Group, has turned his interest towards bringing about development in India’s neighbouring country, Bangladesh. Since its initial days of foundation, the Group has been widely interested in taking up various projects in Bangladesh. It has mainly been focused on the country’s power segment. Because of the projects undertaken by the Adani Group in Bangladesh. The country has witnessed massive development in the past few years. There has also been a change in the living conditions of people in Bangladesh.

The Transnational Power Project:

In 2023, Gautam Adani met Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka to discuss the various proceedings of an Adani Bangladesh power project. The main agenda of the meeting was to talk about the total load commencement supply to Bangladesh from the Ultra Super-critical thermal power plant in the Godda district in Jharkhand, India. The Godda USCTPP marks Adani Group’s entry into the transnational power project. It is also the first transnational power project to be undertaken by the Adani Group.

As a part of this project, 100% of the power generated will be supplied to another nation. This was an extraordinary step taken by the Adani Group towards bringing about development in Bangladesh. It will strengthen the relationship between the two nations. The power generated from the Godda power plant will ensure a consistent power supply to Bangladesh’s various remote regions. It will also trigger industrial activities in Bangladesh, improving its overall economic state.

The AIM of the Project:

The electricity supplied by the Godda power plant will positively impact Bangladesh’s power situation. The country can replace the costly power generated using liquid fuel with the power supplied by the Godda power plant. This will bring about a reduction in the average cost of energy purchased. The power plant is also built using highly advanced technology, including selective catalytic converters and zero waste discharge to minimise emissions. Various environmentally friendly practices were also involved in implementing the Adani Bangladesh project to promote sustainability in Bangladesh.

The Proceedings of the Project:

Gautam Adani had earlier mentioned that he was delighted to meet the Bangladesh PM to talk about the happenings of the transnational power project. Adani Power Jharkhand Limited. Which happens to be one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Adani Power Limited, finished the dependable capacity test for the Godda power plant on 12 July 2023. This dependable capacity test is mandatory for the power plant under the power purchase agreement signed with Bangladesh. The test was conducted for 6 hours. It evaluated the simultaneous functioning of the two different units of the plant after. They started supplying electricity to other areas of Bangladesh.

On 6 April 2023, the first unit of the Godda power plant began commercial operations. This unit had a total capacity of 800 MW. The second unit, which also had a capacity of 800 MW, started operations on 26 June 2023. Adani Power Jharkhand Limited will supply 1,496 MW from the power plant under the power purchase agreement signed with the Bangladesh Power Development Board. The PPA was signed and executed in November 2017 for 25 years. The electricity will be supplied via a 400 kV dedicated transmission line, which will be connected to the Bangladesh grid.


The Godda power plant is a striking example of the extraordinary asset management capabilities of the Adani Group. The Adani Bangladesh project was completed within a record time of 42 months after. It obtained the necessary clearances from the different authorities. The project also included building a 105 km long 400kV double-circuit transmission line through which the power could be transmitted in Bangladesh. It also included the construction of a private railway line and an extensive water pipeline so that water could be supplied for the different happenings of the project. With this project being operational, the Adani Group also plans to implement similar projects in the upcoming months. This will bring about a complete transformation in the economic state of Bangalore. It will also pave the path for industrial growth in the country.

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