Powering Bangladesh with Reliable Electricity!

Adani Bangladesh is committed to offering a stable and reliable supply of electricity to help Bangladesh meet its growing energy needs. With our cutting edge technology, sustainable practices and advanced infrastructure, we are dedicated to powering a brighter future for the country.

Say goodbye to power outages and hello to a brighter future for Bangladesh.

Adani Bangladesh: Pioneering Energy Solutions for a Brighter Future

At Adani Bangladesh, our core ethos revolves around creating lasting value for all stakeholders involved. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, we strive to strike a harmonious balance between economic growth and ecological preservation.

With a legacy of over three decades, Adani Group has charted its own path and established itself as a leader in the infrastructure, energy and logistics sectors among others. Our commitment to Bangladesh’s energy needs is demonstrated by our flagship project, the 1,600 MW Ultra Super Critical Thermal Power Plant (USCTPP) in Godda, Jharkhand, India. Commissioned in 2023, this transnational power project provides Bangladesh with 100% of its generated electricity, thereby mitigating the country’s power deficit and bolstering its economic growth trajectory.

The Adani Group has improved Bangladesh’s energy infrastructure significantly, which has aided in the country’s socioeconomic growth.

Unlocking Bangladesh's Potential

In keeping with Bangladesh’s aspirational objectives for the clean energy transition, Adani Bangladesh is also actively investigating opportunities related to renewable energy. In order to lessen our dependency on fossil fuels and to advance sustainable energy practices, we are dedicated to creating solar and wind power projects. In order to reduce our environmental impact, we have adopted strict emission control measures, adopted eco-friendly technologies, and practice environmental stewardship as part of our commitment to sustainability.

In addition to energy, Adani Group is growing its footprint in Bangladesh’s port and logistics industry. In order to improve connectivity and facilitate trade both inside and outside the nation, we are looking into opportunities to build and manage ports and logistics infrastructure. Our proficiency in managing logistics and port operations will support Bangladesh’s standing as a hub for regional trade.

Driving Progress in Bangladesh: Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Adani Bangladesh is dedicated to improving the energy sector in Bangladesh in ways that go beyond business dealings. Our commitment to social responsibility is firm, particularly emphasising on healthcare, skill development, and education. Our CSR initiatives centre around improving the lives of Bangladeshi citizens, encouraging inclusive growth and empowering communities.

Bangladesh’s development and prosperity lies at the heart of the Adani Bangladesh project. We intend to continually explore prospects for renewable energy, invest in inventive energy solutions, and expand our involvement in the port and logistics industry. Our unwavering dedication to social responsibility and sustainability support our goals to ensure a better future for Bangladesh.


The Three Pillars that form the Basis of Adani Bangladesh’s Mission Statement are:


Offering Bangladesh with Reliable and Sustainable Electricity

Enhancing the country’s development

Igniting a more promising future

Our ideal Bangladesh is the one with access to affordable, clean energy and well connected to the rest of the world that leads to the promotion of economic expansion, social progress and personal empowerment. We are dedicated to meeting Bangladesh’s energy requirements, not just in terms of electricity but also in terms of building a robust sustainable energy ecosystem. Our goals align with Bangladesh’s long-term objectives. By having stringent environmental safeguards in place, embracing cutting-edge technology and working with local stakeholders, we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth progress for Bangladesh.